Fall Ball Week 1

Week one of Fall Ball came with lots of rain the night before, leaving fields full of fun in the mud.

The Arlington Stallions played the South Side Irish Academy. South Side Irish is made up of players from many of the Catholic School League teams and some other local clubs near the South Chicago Suburbs who take the fall off. Despite all the rain over night, by kick off the sun was out and the fields were soft enough to take a tackle. In a fairly even set up match the Arlington Stallions 33 prevailed over South Side Irish Academy 21. Arlington has many athletes that play football in the fall, so this was a great opportunity for other boys to get even more field time and develop their skill and in game strategy. South Side Irish was able to have boys from different teams come together and learn skill from one another and will continue to become more cohesive as fall ball goes on, with a strong start to the season.

The Chicago Lions (pictured above), had a scrimmage game, and boys worked on their passing, line outs, and scrumming. Playing against their own teammates with solid numbers, and getting in an advantage where they can build off of familiar players habits and how to challenge each other skills. There was also plenty of time to dive into mudslides and get in team bonding.

This Saturday sees the Chicago Lions Academy hosting Arlington Stallions with a 10am kickoff at the Lions’ new pitch.

Fox Valley Predators are hosting Chicago Blaze Academy in St. Charles with an 11am kickoff.