Rookie Rugby

non-contact introduction to rugby for kids ages 5-10

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Rookie Rugby is a non-contact version of rugby that is a played in elementary and middle school programs and leagues until players are ready to be introduced to the traditional contact version of the game.

Game for All

Rookie Rugby is a game played in schools and communities across Illinois.

Children of all ages and abilities can easily pick up the game and begin playing right away. The rules are simple, the game is easy to learn, and minimal equipment is required.

Skill Development

Rookie Rugby is designed with the American athlete in mind. It is a fun and safe team game that develops a range of ball handling, running and evasion skills.

Teamwork and Fun

Rugby is a highly social sport with plenty of interaction between team members. Players will learn how to work well as a team and will think about how decisions that are made will benefit not just themselves, but also their peers.


All kids are welcome for these “friendly” matches that will be played at the weekly middle school festivals from April through May. Teams are determined by the participating head coaches at each festival and matches are self-refereed by the head coaches. Coaches and players should expect teams to be formulated to include all participants, therefore combined sides with multiple clubs should be the expectation on a festival by festival basis.

No scores will be recorded, no standings maintained and no playoffs or State Championship will be played.

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