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Player and Coach Registration

Registration is simpler than ever, with a single registration covering USA Rugby, USA Youth & High School Rugby, Rugby Illinois, and your local club*. Click the register button below to get started and search for your club.

Registration Fees

The table below are player fees.  Your Club may have additional fees for you to play for the season, the following are fees for Rugby Illinois (SYRO), USA Youth & High School (Council), and USA Rugby (National).

RoleSYRO FeeCouncil FeeNational FeeNotes
Rookie Rugby$20$5$5Non-Contact Touch Rugby players 8-10.
Youth Player$20$11$24Youth player 10-14 playing contact rugby.
High School$20$11$24High School player 15-18 playing contact rugby.
High School Varsity Initiative$0$0$0High School player 15-18 playing contact rugby on a Varsity Initiative club

The table below are non-player fees when registering your club may charge additional. Speak to your club if there are any questions.

RoleSYRO FeeCouncil FeeNational FeeNotes
Coach$20$5$75Coach for any level team, coach must complete additional training to participate.
Admin Volunteer$0$5$45over 18 administrators for a club.
Admin Volunteer Under 18$0$11$0Under 18 administrators for a club.
Match Official$0$5$75Over 18 referee registered with a specific club.
Match Official Under 18$0$5$0Under 18 referee registered with a specific club.
Medical$0$0$0Medical official registered with a specific club.

Team Registration

Each team that will participate in a given season must register for the season. Once the team is registered, players may register individually or the coach may add the players. Players will only be charged fees once per year, where appropriate.

All coaches and assistant coaches must be registered with USA Rugby and certified at Level 100 or higher. Each middle school or high school club participating in contact rugby must have at least one coach certified at Level 200 or higher. All club officers and other volunteers with extensive contact with players must also register with USA Rugby as an administrator.

Register a Team

Please note: Varsity Initiative Clubs must submit paperwork and pay the annual fee.

Other requirements

Besides registering teams to participate in a developmental or competitive season, each club must also do the following on an annual basis:

  1. Submit the list of trainers or other match-day medical officers to the Rugby Illinois Compliance Officer and Medical Officer at for approval. For newly registered personnel, you may be asked for evidence of qualifications. No matches will be scheduled without completing this step.
  2. Submit an Emergency Action Plan for the season to the Rugby Illinois Compliance Officer and Medical Officer at for approval. There is a link to a guide at No matches will be scheduled without completing this step.

New Clubs and/or New Teams

New rugby clubs must be approved by the Executive Committee before player registrations will be accepted. Please submit a new club application prior to registering your team(s). If your club application is approved, you will be notified when you can register your team(s) and begin registering players.

New teams that are part of the same rugby club do not require separate approval. However, adding a team with a new membership level requires that you submit a request to USA Rugby as a new “club” in order to register players.

If your club needs a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to reserve field or meeting space, please use this link to submit your requests to USA Rugby.