LaSalle Peru Grant Update

The following is an update from the LaSalle Peru Grant and how it helped grow rugby in the area.

After receiving the grant. Jerseys were purchased that were approximately $1550. Then purchased shorts and socks which were approximately $450.

  • We also have had fundraiser dinners. For both youth and high school. In the last two years we have raised over $9000.
  • With these funds we have purchased rugby balls, ruck pads, tackling pads, and more shorts and socks.
  • We have spent money on recruiting through radio, news paper, and giving out rugby balls to players that commit to the club.
  • Currently we tripled our numbers in our youth club. Which will help our high school club in the future. And added 4 new high school players from last year.
  • Combined teams with other small clubs has helped our program tremendously. Getting started is the hardest part. The Steve Krause memorial grant provided use with a great start. And we are committed to moving forward.