The Rugby Illinois All-State Select Side rugby team was established to create an environment to compete and excel at higher levels of competition.

The All-State Select Side coach selects Rugby Illinois club players who display special talent for the game of rugby for the Select Side team which receives special coaching and training to enable the team to compete against other All-State teams and international teams that visit this country. It is the aim of Rugby Illinois to take the Illinois All-State team on annual tours to foreign countries to compete against other international teams.

The official name of the Rugby Illinois All-State team is the Tornados and we trust our team will earn the recognition synonymous with this natural occurrence that is found in our State and become a powerful force within Interstate and International competition circles.

Tornados Select Side Coaches

Girls High School Coach: Jamie Stephens ( ⇒  Click here to view Girls Information Sheet
Boys High School Coach Scott Hobson (
Youth Coach Nick Larma (


Chicago, IL
The Illinois Tornados select side draws players from the Chicago metropolitan area. The Varsity side is for Juniors and Seniors.

Every summer, the Illinois Tornados North teams kick off a summer tour with the Corn Bowl against the Illinois Tornados South, followed by the annual Cody Cup against Wisconsin, and culminating in the Midwest Challenge Cup tournament and other tournaments.