Youth & High School State Governing Bodies Elect New Board and Youth Council

Bill Stevens elected as Youth and High School representative on USA Rugby Board of Directors.


  • Youth and High School State Governing Bodies (SGB’s) incorporate USA Youth and High School Rugby; an IRS approved 501(c)3 set to become the USA Rugby sanctioned body administering Youth and High School Rugby in the United States.
  • SGB’s unanimously adopt Terms of Reference, creating seven cross-country regions that each elect a representative to form the Youth and High School Board of Directors and Council.
  • SGB’s complete regional elections to determine seven members of the USA Youth and High School Board and Council; Bill Stevens elected as Youth and High School representative on USA Rugby Board.
  • 14 Working Groups formed with over 70 volunteers from SGB’s across the country.

GLENDALE, CO – In a month of significant change, Youth and High School rugby representatives have completed a governance reform to officially establish the organization, USA Youth and High School Rugby. The reorganization comes following application and approval of IRS 501(c)3 status, adopted Terms of Reference that govern the relationship with USA Rugby and election of an individual seven-seat Board of Directors; that will also serve as the Youth and High School Council. Under the Terms of Reference, seven cross-country regions were established where each elect a representative using proportional voting based on membership size. USA YOUTH & HIGH SCHOOL RUGBY


Southwest Region | David Pool, Interim President
Northwest Region | Jason Divine, Interim Vice President
Central Region | Owen Power, USA Rugby Audit & Risk Representative
Midwest Region | Bill Stevens, USA Rugby Youth and High School Director
South Region | Maggie Rouse, Interim Treasurer
Southeast Region | Kat Aversano, USA Rugby Nominations Representative
Northeast Region | Dave Lyme, Working Groups Coordinator

As part of the newly ratified bylaw structure, USA Youth and High School Rugby additionally elected Bill Stevens of the Midwest Region as council representative on the USA Rugby Board of Directors.

Stevens noted, “As a newcomer to the National Youth Rugby Board I have been impressed with the knowledge and commitment of the Board members and how quickly the Youth has come together as a big team to get youth rugby growing and moving forward. This is a massive opportunity to get the structure right and really deliver additional benefits to our members and primarily to provide the highest quality, safest youth sporting experience for our 50,000+ players”.

The Youth and High School Board has also formed 14 working groups with over 70 volunteers to undertake the multitude of tasks required to be operational by the beginning of the next registration cycle, subject to any COVID-19 restrictions. Key assignments include member services, training and education, competition, development and more. One of the primary tasks is to complete negotiations with the USA Rugby National Office on supportive services to be provided through a Community Service Agreement.

Interim President David Pool commented, “The Youth and High School community has really got in behind and supported the reorganization. To have unanimous adoption of the Terms of Reference was a clear endorsement of the governance structure put in front of the SGB’s. This was followed by the election of a vastly experienced Youth and High School Board who have got on with the many jobs to do. In addition, the large numbers of volunteers that we got for working groups shows the passion of the Youth and High School rugby community. Our main goals is to make Youth and High School Rugby a fun and exciting sport played in the true culture of the game, helping the youth fall in love with our sport.”

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